Site updates

April 27, 2023

Since my posting is pretty inconsistent, I grew weary of paying Wordpress $40/mo just to keep things running. It was a chore to upload images in their UI and often uploads would fail. Sometimes full size versions of the images were just… missing from JetPack.1

So I exported my data and rebuilt the site myself. It’s static using flat Markdown files and easy to update—just merge and push to the main branch. It’s built with next.js and deployed on Vercel and it is speedy. The images are hosted with Cloudinary. The whole thing, at least for now, is free to run.

There may be some features to add later, like tags/categories, related posts, and a contact form2. But I’m pretty happy with the site as-is for a while.

Anyway, here are some recent photos.


  1. Not to mention that when exporting my data, the filenames would include dimensions that were just wrong, like X-T5-052166-1638x2048, which actually meant 2048x1638. Sometimes vice versa, landscape when it should’ve been portrait. Sometimes the numbers weren’t even right. That made moving to the new system a little tricky. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Find me on Glass if you want to talk photography.