Excuse me, did you take my photo?!

March 8, 2023

Nah, fella. Don't flatter yourself. Not my style. You’re not a bird or a building. (Actual thoughts I had after an actual question I received.)

I guess you’ve hit the big time in street photography when a Nike/AirPod bro goes out of his way to harass you. The actual photo in question:

Even I know that if you're going to surreptitiously include people in your photos, you act like you’re fiddling with settings or are impatiently waiting for the person to pass by so you can keep the camera pointed at them without them realizing they're the photo not an annoyance. I was clearly pointing the camera (at the ground) with my face glued to the viewfinder, so this guy was insulting my abilities as a stealthy photo stealer.

Fortunately Mr Full-of-Himself took my “no” at face value, since his initial tone made it sound like fisticuffs were forthcoming (and he was bigger than me). For a terrifying second, I thought I’d have to learn karate through montage and show up there 2 minutes (movie time) later to defend my honor.

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