A snowy scotch run in Freeport

January 7, 2023

Since I abhor outlet shopping (except Toad & Co., that's a pretty good store), a visit to Freeport, Maine, for my family often involves parking somewhere central and me walking to Bow Street Market for some craft beer or scotch whisky. Last evening, that meant a walk in fresh snow. I grabbed the X100F out of my bag and took some shots in the dark.

The scotch shopping part of my excursion was a also success. I finally found a bottle of the Lagavulin Offerman 11. There was only one left, so I grabbed it. Then I felt bad and offered it to the other gentleman in the aisle. Fortunately, he wasn’t interested. Later, he passed me on the sidewalk as I was trying to get some blurred cars in a photo and unwittingly became my next photo’s subject. This successful outing is dedicated to that anonymous fellow scotch lover.