Quarantine Inspiration, Part 1

December 7, 2022

I finally1 caught the Covid, the day before Thanksgiving, and have been confined to my bedroom (I live with between 5 and 7 other people) ever since. After an initial pity party, I decided to embrace the extra time to think.

(I did spend a lot of time watching YouTube, browsing the internet, reading. I made some impulse purchases online. More YouTube. Ate some soup. But mostly the thinking part.)

The line of thought that kept coming back was whether my pursuits outside of work are really what I want to be doing with my time. Do I really want to write about an engineering career and frontend development on my own time? There’s certainly pressure to be seen as an expert, especially when chasing promotions or considering a job change.

But my work speaks for itself. I continue to learn, continue to help those I work with, continue to do a great job with each project I take on. There are plenty of other engineers who enjoy writing about the finer points of what they do. I’ll let them.

The thing I love to do that I may have an undeveloped (rimshot) knack for is photography. I’m an amateur—or as I think I’ll put it from now on, a hobbyist—who has languished lately. After I left Instagram (because, I mean, come on, it sucks really bad), I started losing motivation.

I didn’t go out on top. I’d barely begun to develop (rimshot) any skills whatsoever. But I want that to change.

So this is my new site. It carries over the name of my old blog, Unsure, but I think it’s even more appropriate here because I’m only mildly familiar with all that’s involved in taking world class images. I want to push myself to learn more. And I would much rather share what I learn about photography than about React.

You won’t find my previous blog anywhere2, and I’ve taken down my lame attempt at a newsletter. My leisure focus (rimshot) outside of work is (back?) on photography. This blog and a (coming soon) YouTube channel will be all there is to it. Oh, and obviously my Glass profile.

I made a logo and put it on a hat (see: impulse purchases). This is what middle aged male YouTubers do, presumably because of the hair loss. I’m not saying that’s why I’ll be wearing that hat anytime you see me on Unsure.

I would love it if you check back once in a while, or subscribe via RSS. The domain’s pretty easy to remember, but if you’re unsure, me3 will remind you.

In part 2, we’ll get to actual photos.


  1. And strangely, given how careful I am. We’re still not sure where I could’ve been exposed, especially since everyone else in my house seems to have dodged it.

  2. It takes some hubris to archive a personal blog somewhere and I just didn’t feel like it. To what end?

  3. I had to go with “me” there to make the URL happen in a sentence. I’m very sorry.