Hello World! What’s this then?

My name is Nathan Fitzsimmons and I’m a staff front end engineer at Standard Cognition. Before that, I helped build communities at Bevy. And before that, I helped build the personal profile service about.me. I’ve also been able to work on a large number of freelance and moonlighting projects for companies large and small.

This blog is a way for me to promote front end development as a profession and to share the things I’ve learned. While it might feature the occasional recipe or political rant to keep things interesting, my primary focus is to help other front end developers do their best work and enable them to clearly define their role within their organization.

Why Unsure? When I was setting up this blog, I asked my son “what should I call my blog?” Without even looking up from the latest video game he was creating, he muttered “unsure.”

It was perfect. While I’ve learned a lot over the last 15 years, I still seem to learn at least one new thing related to my role per day. This blog is my attempt to share those things and learn even more in the process.

In January 2022, I archived the first 5 issues of my burgeoning newsletter as blog posts here, and restarted my newsletter at newsletter.unsure.me. The blog will continue to have infrequent long form posts about more important topics, while the newsletter will have almost weekly issues covering all sorts of random-but-fun topics.

Tell me I’m wrong

Illustration by Gwyneth Fitzsimmons